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Executive Success and
Essential Knowledge

About Styles of Thinking and Deciding

Executive Insight Assessment Suite

The data gathered in our StyleView and CareerView assessments produces a range of powerful reports, including our StyleView Report, CareerView Report, and Executive Insight Report to offer fresh insight into individual and team decision making and collaboration. Click on our sample reports below.



Drawing upon years of validation research and experience, we help organizations assess and match  candidates' behavioral and motivational fit with their unique culture and strategic objectives to improve the accuracy and success of the hiring process.

Strategic Team Checkup

Our Team Checkup helps determine the extent to which an executive team's individual and collective behavioral styles and motivations fit the enterprise's strategy. Then we provide a roadmap of recommended developmental strategies to close any identified gaps.

Internal Placement and Succession Planning

We help organizations align and optimize internal deployment of executive talent through a custom assessment database and a comprehensive library of benchmark profiles for specific positions and functional roles.

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