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Explore Career Concepts.

Unlock Career Motives.

Powerful Suite
of Assessments

Our signature assessments, StyleView and CareerView, are backed by foundational research and decades of successful deployment. The responses gathered from StyleView and CareerView generate a range of versatile reports, including the Executive Insight Report with Benchmark Analysis. Contact us for samples of our reports. 


Decision-making styles are habits of thinking that we all form through experience. Our StyleView assessment offers insight into your interpersonal, "role style" — how you make decisions when interacting with others — versus your natural "operating style" when you're working without thinking too much about the image you're projecting. You may be surprised to learn that they are often quite different.


The CareerView model describes four fundamentally different patterns of career experience. Your career concepts profile shows how you believe your career should be structured while your career motivations profile provides insight into the kinds of career that would best suit you in terms of personal satisfaction and fulfillment. Comparing the two can help you
avoid mistakes that could take your career in
the wrong direction.

Executive Insight Report

The Executive Insight Report contains our
full suite of powerful report tools as well as benchmarked profiles using our best-in-class benchmarks from our Harvard Business
Review study. 
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