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Tools for Catalyzing

Team Collaboration

and Performance

For corporate practitioners and consultants who seek to enhance individual and team performance, Decision Dynamics offers unique, powerful solutions to improve individual effectiveness and advance team collaboration.

Read about our research in the Harvard Business Review.

License Our Tools for Following Applications:

Team Coaching

StyleView and CareerView assessments offer foundational insights into how teams, their leaders and their members make decisions

Team Checkup

Team Checkup identifies and resolves gaps among behavioral styles and motivations to fit the enterprise's strategy.


Match behavioral, motivational and cultural fit to improve the accuracy and success of the hiring process.

and Succession Planning

Align and optimize internal deployment of executive talent against of benchmark profiles.

Our StyleView and CareerView assessments have been enlightening and aligning teams to advance leadership globally since 1983.

The seasoned executive's decision-making

The Seasoned Executive’s

Decision-Making Style

By Kenneth R. Brousseau, Michael J. Driver, Gary Hourihan, Rikard Larsson

The job of a manager is, above all, to make decisions. At any moment in any day, most executives are engaged in some aspect of decision making: exchanging information, reviewing data, coming up with ideas, evaluating alternatives, implementing directives, following up.

Certification Enables You to Deliver Expert Results

We offer certification courses for  individuals and groups of Human Resource professionals. After successful course certification completion, you'll be able to independently utilize Decision Dynamics assessment tools and technology in a full range of talent management applications from recruiting to internal placement to executive coaching and team development.
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